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Content of the homepage
The Gastronomiebetriebe GmbH does not warrant the actuality, correctness, completeness or quality of the provided information. The right of liability to the Gastronomiebetriebe GmbH that refers to material or non-material disadvantages which are caused by the use or the disuse of the presented information or by the use of incorrect and incomplete information are strictly impossible. This applies if there is no verifiably intentional or reckless guiltiness on hand on the part of Gastronomiebetriebe GmbH. All offers are without obligation and non-binding. The Gastronomiebetriebe GmbH explicitly reserves to change, add, delete or to discontinue parts of the publishing of the Website or the complete offer for a while or forever without making a separate announcement.

References and links
In case of direct or indirect references to other websites (“hyperlinks”), that are beyond the area of accountability of the Gastronomiebetriebe GmbH, an obligation of liability will become effective  solely if the author has knowledge of contents and if it is technical possible and and reasonable for the author to prevent the use in case of illegal content. The Gastronomiebetriebe GmbH explicitly states that there was no illegal content noticeable on the linked websites at the time of the linking. The Gastronomiebetriebe GmbH has no influence on the current and future composition, the content or authorship of the linked/connected websites. Therefore the Gastronomiebetriebe GmbH explicitly distances itself from the complete content of the linked/connected websites that were changed after the linking. This statement applies for all links and references in the space of the own website. The host of the website that is linked to is liable for any illegal, incorrect or incomplete content and not he who refers to this content via links. This applies especially for damages that grow out of the use or disuse of these information.

Copyright and indicator right
The Gastronomiebetriebe GmbH is anxious to respect the copyrights of all images, graphics, audio-documents, cutscenes and texts. Furthermore it is anxious to make use of own created  images, graphics, audio-documents, cutscenes and texts or to use images, graphics, audio-documents, cutscenes and texts of public domain. All mentioned – and those which are potentially protected by patents – brand names and trade marks are unrestricted subjects to regulations of the currently in force indicator right and the titles of the particular registered proprietor. Just based on the mention it is not possible to draw the conclusion that the brand name is not protected through the rights of a third party! The copyright for objects that are published and created by the Gastronomiebetriebe GmbH is by the Gastronomiebetriebe GmbH. A duplication or use of these graphics, audio-documents, cutscenes and texts in other electronic or printed publications is not allowed without the explicit consent of the Gastronomiebetriebe GmbH.

Data protectio
We take the protection of your privacy and you personal data we are supplied with very seriously.
The compliance with the Federal Data Protection Act is taken for granted. In the following we inform you which data we collect and what we do with them.
Which personal data are collected and processed?
If you just visit our website we don't need any personal data from you. We only get to know the name of your Internet service providers, the website from which you visit us and the particular pages of our website that you visit. Only if you use special services we collect process personal data.

To what end do we collect and process personal data?
Because we always strive to continuously optimize our service package the abovementioned general data are analyzed. If you make use of our service package we collect only those data that are needed to perform a service. If we ask you for further data these would be spontaneous information. The processing of the personal data happens only for the performance of the demanded service and for the protection of our valid business interests.

Are personal data delivered to third parties?
We will not reveal, convey, sell or market your personal data to other companies or institutions except you give us a statement of agreement. This does not apply if we are obliged to discover and transmit the data due to an adjudication or by law.